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Metropolis, masterpiece

13 October 2010

Last night Helen witnessed a movie masterpiece – Fritz Lang's Metropolis, with newly restored footage and a live orchestra performing the original score.

The Roundhouse, Camden, put on an exciting show and took us back to the future, as it would have been seen in 1927. An extra 25 minutes of footage – lost for 83 years, then rediscovered in Argentina 2 years ago – restores the original plot of the sci-fi cult classic, making sense of the story and adding depth to many scenes and characters. The live orchestra rendered the term 'Silent Movie' irrelevant, providing emotion and drama.

At 83 years old, Metropolis is still spectacular, with truly iconic, innovative scenes and sets that still inspire films today. I lost count of the movie references that originated here – Blade Runner and Avatar to name just two.

It was a real privilege to see the film with the live orchestra, but the film is on general re-release, so catch it on the big screen while you can.

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Metropolis poster
Metropolis screening at the Camden Roundhouse